We hope that from this year forward every saint will have a proper spiritual conclusion to

a passing year and a proper beginning of a new spiritual year. Not only should we have a

conclusion related to outward matters, such as our career, our education, and our domestic

affairs, but even more, we should have a conclusion in regard to spiritual matters. At the end

of a year we need to go before God and settle the accounts related to our spiritual condition.

We need to consider before the Lord how we have spent our time and the things in which we

failed and in which we overcame. We need to consider the areas in which we responded to

the Lord’s demands and in which we rejected the Lord’s will. We need to bring our spiritual

condition before the Lord in order to settle accounts and have a proper clearance so that we

can have a new beginning.


There are two very important principles concerning days, months, and years. The first

principle involves their relationship to light-bearers, and the second principle involves their

relationship to death and resurrection. In regard to the first principle, days, months, and

years are related to light-bearers, that is, to the sun and the moon. A day consists of the time

that it takes for the earth to rotate on its own axis, whereas a year consists of the time that

it takes for the earth to revolve around the sun. Every twenty-four hours the earth rotates

on its axis, and during this time there is one appearing of the sun. Furthermore, every three

hundred sixty-five days the earth revolves around the sun in the solar system. A day involves

a small revolution, but a year involves a great revolution. Both the changing of a day and the

changing of a year are in relation to the sun. The changing of a month is related to the

revolution of the moon around the earth. Both the sun and the moon are light-bearers. Every

changing of days, months, and years is related to light-bearers. Because there are lightbearers,

there are days, months, and years.

Every change in our spiritual experience involves light, whether it is a great change like

a new year, a lesser change like a month, or a small change like a day. Whenever we

encounter light, there is a change. When we met God, who is light (1 John 1:5), there was a

change. When we met Christ, who is God and who is light (John 8:12; 9:5; 12:46), there was

a change. God in Christ is our light-bearer. Without the sun, there are no days or years, and

without the moon, there are no months. Likewise, if a person does not encounter God in

Christ, there will be no spiritual change, either great or small. Every change in our spiritual

condition depends upon meeting God.

In order to have a new spiritual year, we need to specifically seek God’s face and meet

Him. We should bring our condition, past and present, to Him and place it before Him in the

light of His face in order to receive His shining. He is facing us, waiting for us, and open to

us. We should not think that we are the ones who are seeking God; actually, He is seeking us

and waiting for us. Rather than being closed, we should open ourselves to Him. We should

not treat our days in a loose manner. When we approach a new calendar year, we should

come to God and open ourselves to His light concerning not only the state of our earthly

affairs but also the condition of our spiritual life. We need to spend some time in the presence

of God, presenting our past and present condition to Him and allowing Him to shine on us.

As the Spirit, He will come to us, and with His Spirit there will be light shining on the items

that we place before Him. When we encounter God in Christ as the Spirit coming to us as

light, we will have a new beginning. When we encounter light, we will also encounter God as

the light-bearer. These encounters bring in changes that are like the changes associated with

days, months, and years. If we want to have changes, from small changes to great changes,

we must meet God.


(God’s Need and God’s Goal, ch. 4, “The Spiritual Significance of the New Year)


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