An important part of the Lord's move in Northern California depends on ongoing financial support, especially to new localities and campus teams, through the NorCal work fund. Our collective goal is to achieve an annual giving of $600,000 to $700,000 to the Work Fund, which will meet the need of additional full-timers on existing teams in smaller churches and new teams in the future.  While one-time donations are certainly welcomed, this fund supports on-going needs. Therefore, it is important that the saints consider before the Lord, whether they can sign up to give in a recurring way. If just 25% of the saints who regularly attend Lord’s day meetings can sign up for automatic recurring donations of $100 each month, the need of the Lord can be met. However, if you are not able to give $100 a month at this time, you're still encouraged to give according to what the Lord touches you to give.

Please visit On this site, you can learn more about how the fund is being used to support the Lord's move on the college campuses.  You can also sign up for recurring automatic donations.  


Remember to place your

Cheerful Giver box in a 

conspicuous place. When

you're burdened to support the

Lord's work and chose not to 

purchase a beverage or other

treat, simply place that money

in the box. You'll be surprised at

how quickly your offering will

multiply. Then bring your offering

to the meeting on Lord's Day,

put it in an envelope labeled

"Cheerful Giver" and place 

it in the offering box.

Praise the Lord for the one accord He has brought the NorCal churches to in the last few years. He has blessed us with an open door on so many college campuses, and many full-timers have answered the call to give themselves for the gaining of the students. May we labor together in our fellowship unto the furtherance of the gospel.

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