The Burden for Global Prayer

In light of the current world situation, the co-workers in the Lord’s recovery feel that now is the time to call on the saints throughout the globe to pray in one accord as the one new man for the Lord’s interests on the earth. We concluded our global, round-the-clock prayer. However, we encourage all the saints to continue to pray as the Lord leads and not to stop because the 30 days are over.

You can download the 30 day prayer burdens here: has been redesigned and relaunched to help the saints in North America participate in coordinated prayer for the Lord's move as a continuation of the 60 days of global prayer using The burden of these websites is to afford the Lord the way to continue building up the prayer life of the saints and the prayer ministry of the church.

The daily prayer burdens will be suspended this coming week from June 29 to July 5. This will allow for the saints to concentrate on the Crystallization Study of Jeremiah and Lamentations during the semi-annual training. On Monday, July 6, the daily prayer burdens will resume. 

In the midst of these uncertain times, as people are confronted with a public health crisis, economic instability, and social unrest, there is an urgent need for daily, focused prayer in one accord. This will afford our ascended Lord the cooperation He requires to administrate the current situation in the United States, which is an essential step in the fulfillment of His move on the earth.


You can sign up now to receive these daily burdens via email, and you can follow the Beseeching accounts on Facebook ( and Instagram(@beseeching.org_).

In The World Situation and God's Move, Brother Lee said:

“Today [God] has prepared the U.S.A., not just for the preaching of the gospel, nor just for the teaching of the truth, nor just for scriptural meetings, but for the preparation of the bride…It surely does not seem that there is time for God to raise up another country and take another step after this. I believe this is the last opportunity for God to prepare the bride. May we all see the seriousness of this time and realize our responsibility” (CWWL, 1981, vol. 1, “The World Situation and God’s Move,” pp. 308, 311).



First Timothy 2:1-4 indicates, “first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercessions, thanksgivings be made on behalf of all men.” May we all rise up and give ourselves to the Lord to participate in this coordinated prayer ministry. Such a response will afford Him the way to carry out His administration in the United States for the sake of His move over the whole earth, consummating in the preparation of His bride.

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