Brother Minoru mentioned prayer guidelines (a checklist) and prayer topics during the recent Sisters' Conference.  There will be fellowship on these matters on Lord's Day, March 1st.  The topics and checklist will be distributed at that time.  


This announcement is posted on the Living Stream Ministry website (


"Dear saints,


After much and thorough fellowship among the co-workers, the decision has been made to cancel the International Chinese-speaking Conference (ICSC) this year. We realize that it is not a small thing to cancel one of the seven feasts and that many saints may have already purchased plane tickets to attend the conference. However, in light of the current outbreak of the coronavirus in China and its spread to other parts of the world, we feel it would be irresponsible on the part of the Living Stream Ministry to expose the saints to the risk of contracting this highly contagious and deadly virus.

Please accept our apologies for any hardship this may cause you.


Living Stream Ministry”


If you have any questions, please let one of the brothers know.




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